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Our Story

Pad Genius™ was born out of personal love and experience with our family dog, Winston. Just like every other family member, he had his own needs. Because Winston would need to spend time indoors, absorbent dog pads became a staple in our household. While absorbent pads were a good solution, their value and convenience were diminished by their inability to stay in place and securely contain urine.

Image by Karsten Winegeart
Image by Karsten Winegeart

Growing tired of these frustrations, we took our 30 years’ experience in consumer product manufacturing and set out to make dog absorbent pads better and easier to live with. Through our consumer research we validated these common complaints:

  • Pads will slide around becoming bunched-up or folded over.

  • Urine can still leak onto the floor.

  • Dogs and cats in the household will play with the pad.

As a result of this research, we learned many consumers tried to solve these issues by purchasing the pad holders that were available in the marketplace. As we discovered, these holders all had flaws or limitations that produced their own set of common complaints:

  • The holder will not fit the size of the pads they are using.

  • The holder does not prevent urine from getting in or on the structure – requiring cleaning of the holder itself.

  • Their dogs will not use the pad if the holder makes noise when they stand on it, or if the pad is elevated off the floor.

  • The holder does not hold the pad securely.

Ultimately, we realized thousands of families are in the same situation that we were in, which was a need to solve these problems. So, we poured our heart and soul into the development of this innovative pad holder.


Now, after years of development and testing, and over a dozen working prototypes, we give you the perfect solution – the patented, meticulously engineered Pad Genius™ Adjustable Holder.

Image by Zeny Zinedinov
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