Provides 100%
Leak-Proof Protection to any pee pad!

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EASY Size Adjustment

QUICK Snap Pad Grips





  • 100% of urine stays on the pad

will not leak-over after many uses or over multiple days

  • Saves money and minimizes waste

allows more of the absorbent pad to be used before discarding

  • Fast and easy size adjustment

simply lift tab with thumb and slide to the proper size and release

  • Heavy-duty corner grips keep pad secure

prevents pad from shifting or folding over

  • Easy to relocate, even with a pad inside

simply grip the light-weight holder from any corner

  • Holds pad flat to the ground

many dogs will not use absorbent pads if they need to stand on a structure

  • Fits most common pad sizes

a perfect fit for pads with any dimension between 20 - 32 in

  • Assembles | Disassembles in seconds

preassembled sections snap together or detach with the touch of a button

  • Fast pad disposal and replacement

simply lift open corner grip to release and press closed to secure

  • Strong and durable

made from non-toxic ABS material

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